Printed and published by Thomas Harrison, Queen Street, Bingley. First established 1853, enlarged to the Telephone, August 1879.

The articles mentioned below are kept in a bound volume at Bingley Central Library, West Yorkshire.

Items relating to Butterfields:

August 1 1879: George Butterfield deceased, of Gilstead, re will.
August 22 1879: For sale ad. Gilstead Moor, Bingley, Springfield Cottage and appurtenances with garden and supply of spring water. This could have been when Matthew Nicholson (my great grandfather) bought Springfield Cottage, Eldwick.
October 3 1879: William Butterfield of Gilstead fined for poaching.
October 24 1879: Death of Fred Butterfield of Gilstead, aged eight, on 11th inst.
October 31 1879: Death of Mary Butterfield, relect of Walker Butterfield of Hainsworth, aged 71.
November 14 1879: Ref. to Elizabeth Duxbury. Legal notice.
November 21 1879: Ref. M. Butterfield, 24 Bridge Street, Fearncliffe (house to let).
December 5, 1879: Ref. F. Butterfield of Elm Tree.
December 26 1879: Ref. to Benjamin Butterfield and dispute over repair of road at Eldwick (Bingley Petty Sessions).
January 9 1880: Death of Arthur Marshall Butterfield, son of Richard Henry Butterfield, 22 Princess Street, Shipley, aged eight months (7th inst.)
February 13 1880: Death of Edward Butterfield, son of Edward Butterfield, carter, Crossflatts, aged six months (4th inst.).
April 2 1880: Good Friday, Eldwick Glen Galas (article).
April 23 1880: Death of James Butterfield (16th inst.) woolcomber, Hainsworth, aged 78.
May 21 1880: Death of Sarah Butterfield, Beck House, Bingley, aged 78 (20th inst.).
May 28 1880: On Tuesday morning the funeral of Miss Sarah Butterfield, sister of the late Francis Butterfield, solicitor, Beck House, took place. Miss Butterfield, who is well known in the district died after lengthy illness at the age of 76 on Thursday last. She was said to have been possessed of a large fortune.
July 16 1880: Death of Sarah Ann Duxberry, 5 Raglan Street, Bingley, aged 20.
July 23 1880: Story concerning Fisherman's Inn, owner Francis Henry Butterfield of Bingley.
July 30 1880: Anna Butterfield won art prize.
October 15 1880: Abraham Butterfield fined 20s for gambling at Glen Wood.
October 2 1880: Death of Bertha Butterfield, daughter of Alfred Butterfield, of Shipley Fields, aged 14 weeks (17 inst.).
October 29 1880: Death of Jonathan Butterfield (27 inst.), 16 George Street, Bingley, aged 68.
November 26 1880: William Butterfield, engine tenter, of Bingley, drunk. First offence, fined 1s.
December 31 1880: Death of Ralph Butterfield, son of Edwin Butterfield, 10 Burr Street, Shipley, aged five months (27th inst.).
January 7 1881: Mr. T. Feather, worsted spinner, Eldwick Mill, near Bingley, departed to America with £3,000 liabilities.
February 18 1881: Richard Butterfield, carrier, stabbed in affray.
March 18 1881: Bad winter in Eldwick.
May 6 1881: Abraham Butterfield, fined for gambling at Glen Wood.
May 20 1881: Ref. to Bingley families emigrating to USA. New York and Boston, Mass., where main industry is the manufacture of worsted goods.
May 27 1881: Deaths. Benjamin Butterfield (11th inst.), Kings Court, Bingley, aged 81. Mary Ann, wife of Richard H. Butterfield, Princess Street, Shipley, aged 35.
July 22 1881: Death of William Butterfield, Mount Street, Shipley, aged 67 (21st inst.)
August 12 1881: Ref. John Butterfield, Gooseberry Show, Star Inn, Bingley.
August 26 1881: William Butterfield, art prize.
September 23 1881: Abraham Butterfield, weaver, Kell Street, Bingley, fined for playing pitch and toss.
October 21 1881: Reference to Francis Henry Butterfield.

Compiled by Len Butterfield