I have a comprehensive family tree compiled by Henry Sutton and Barbara Joan Smith. This was revised in 1995 by Brian Sutton.

In this the Sutton line only goes back to 1884 when it then follows the Smith line ending in the 1820s with the Womersley and the Skirrow families. The name Skirrow is of Scottish origin. A James McKerrow moved south and changed his name to "Skirrow" due to Anglo-Scottish war.

Martha Elizabeth (Cissie) Smith (born 1884 died 1970)
married Thomas Sutton (born 1889 died 1942).
John Womersley Sutton born 1912 died 1977.
Henry Sutton born 1913 died 1993.
Norman Sutton born 1916 died 1990.

Henry Sutton married Ethel Hammond born 1916 died 2000.
Alan Owen Sutton born 1942.
Dawn Dianne Sutton born 1945.