Butterfields mentioned in the registers of St. Andrew’s Parish Church

Keighley - West Yorkshire

Kyl Parish Church

St. Andrew's Parish Church after it was rebuilt in 1848

The earliest written record of a Keighley Church is mentioned in a charter, dated 1168-79, which refers to the Church of St. Andrews of Kichalaie.


Up to 1750 the Julian calendar was in use in Britain. The year ran from March 25 to March 24. In 1750 the Gregorian calendar was introduced (the calendar we in use today).

In the rest of Europe the Gregorian calendar had been in use since 1582. By 1750 Britain was 11 days behind the rest of Europe.

When the Gregorain calendar was introduced, 11 days had to be lost - September 2 was followed by September 14 - to bring Britain in line with the rest of Europe.


1567 April 20 Richard Midlebrooke and Jenet Butterfeld marriage

1570 December 10 Silvester Ball and Jane Butterfield marriage

1573 May 6 Izabell daughter of John Butterfeld burial

1573 August 9 Robert son of William Butterfeld baptism

1575 February 10 Elizabeth daughter of William Butterfeld baptism

1576 January 15 Agnes Butterfeld burial

1578 February 9 Jane daugher of William Butterfeld baptism

1582 January 10 John son of Margrett Butterfeld baptism

1583 April 17 Aaron son of Thomas Butterfeld baptism

1603 June 10 John Butterfeild and Isabell Hill marriage

1604 September 15 John son of John Butterfeilde baptism

1610 November 25 Mathew daughter (sic) of John Butterfeilde baptism

1613 December 21 wife of James Butterfeilde burial

1614 September 22 James Butterfeilde burial

1618 July 31 wife of John Butterfeild burial

1642 June 23 John Butterfeild and Elizabeth Hird marriage

1642 December 4 John son of John Butterfeild baptism

1660 December 25 wife of John Butterfeild burial

1696 October 11 Abraham son of Joseph Butterfeild baptism

1696 April 13 John Butterfield and Mary Smith marriage

1699 December 18 Isabel daughter of John and Mary Butterfeild baptism

1702 February 1 Mary daughter of Jo. Butterfeild baptism

1705 February 4 Ann daughter of John Butterfeild baptism

1707 June 30 Suzanah daughter of John Butterfeild baptism

1710 January 20 Isaack son of John Butterfeild baptism

1712 October 12 John son of John Buterfeild baptism

1713 March 29 Abraham son of John Buterfeild burial

1713 December 29 Thomas son of Edmund Buterfeild baptism

1715 August 21 Abraham son of John Buterfeild baptism

1715 March 1 Edmund son of Edmund Buterfeild baptism

1715 April 5 Isabel daughter of John Buterfeild burial

1718 February 12 Thomas son of John Buterfeild baptism

1720 June 19 Anne daughter of John Butterfield baptism

1721 March 3 Jonas Butterfield and Susanna Denbigh marriage

1727 June 8 John Midgley and Susanna Butterfield marriage

1731 March 8 John Butterfield husbandman burial

1732 January 30 Amy daughter of John Buterfeild yeoman burial

1732 December 26 John Butterfield and Susanna Pighells marriage

1733 March 26 Isaac Butterfield and Anne Harrison marriage

1733 September 14 Joseph son of John Butterfield weaver baptism

1733 December 16 Susanna daughter of William Butterfield yeoman baptism

1734 March 24 John son of Isaac Butterfeild baptism

Baptisms and Church weddings were suspended under the puritans from November 3rd 1653, when babies were simply recorded as "borne" and civil marriages were recorded in the back of the register, signed by the local JP, Roger Coates, not the minister. From May 1658, Church weddings and baptisms appear again in the register in a different hand – apparently that of Thomas Danby who could not be instituted as Rector until the bishops were restored along with the monarchy in 1660.

Taken from a printed copy of the registers not the actual registers.